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The Cub Scouting Promise
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1st Grade (or age 7)
Kathryn Zawislak
Tiger Den

2nd Grade (or age 8)
Tanya Austin
Wolf Den

3rd Grade (or age 9)
Teri Kerkof
Bear Den

4th Grade (or age 10)...2 yrs!
George & Celeste Martinez
Webelos I

5th Grade (or age 10)
Aaron & Kelli Garner
Webelos II

Pack Leadership

Committee Chair: Teri Kerkof
Awards Chair: Open Position
Outings Chair: Open Position
Membership Chair: Open Position
Pack Secretary: Open Position
Treasurer: Celeste Martinez
Fundraiser Chair: Open Position
Cubmaster: George Martinez
Asst Cubmaster: Open Position
Tiger Den Leader: Kathryn Zawislak
Wolf Den Leader:Tanya Austin
Bear Den Leader:Teri Kerkof
Webelos I:George & Celeste Martinez
Webelos II: Aaron & Kelli Garner

Akela's Corner!

Akela's Corner

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Akela's Corner

"Akela Says" Articles - Pack 643!

Leave No Trace!
Leave No Trace is a plan that helps people to be more concerned about their environment and to help them protect it for future generations. Leave No Trace applies in a backyard or local park (front country) as much as it does in the wilderness (back- country). We should practice Leave No Trace in our attitude and actions wherever we go. Understanding nature strengthens our respect toward the environment. One person with thoughtless behavior or one shortcut on a trail can spoil the outdoor experience for others. Help protect the environment by remem- bering that while you are there, you are a visitor. When you visit the outdoors, take special care of the area. Leave every- thing just as you find it. Leave No Trace.
Academics and Sports!
All levels of Cub Scouts may earn recognition for Academics and Sports activities in a family, den, pack, school, or community environment! As spring erupts, the crack of the bat and the lure of the baseball diamond calls out to boys. Boys can actively be earning the Baseball belt loop and Sports pin while engaging in the All-American sport! Check with your Son's Den Leader and the Cub Scout Academics and Sports Program Guide for specific requirements to earn other belt loops and pins!
Blue & Gold History!

A 75-YEAR OLD TRADITION TO CELEBRATE 98 YEARS OF SCOUTING! In 1933 "Cub Leaders' Round Table" suggested Parent / Cub dinners. Soon thereafter, Pack 1 of Michigan City started a tradition of pot-lucks where the dads were to bring utensils made of wood; whittled by the Cub with his dad. In the 1930s, father / son 'bean dinners' and 'Cub family dinners' began to become commonplace. Finally, in 1943 the name "Blue and Gold Banquet" first appeared in BSA literature, and became synonymous with "celebrating the birthday of Scouting." Today, the Blue and Gold banquet is one of the highlights of the program year. It brings together our Pack's families for a dinner and a day of fun! See you at the Blue & Gold!!

Make The Commitment!

The years literally fly by. In the last 12 months, as a Pack, we have grown in so many different ways. The Leaders are truly humbled at how well we have all come together to become the GREATEST Pack in the Capital Area District of the Pacific Harbors Council. Great Leaders, Great Parents and most of all GREAT Cub Scouts! It all equals to a Great Program! So here we go into the future. Every year make that commitment for another great year of Scouting. The Cubmaster is also here to answer any questions about your Son’s registration contact the Cubmaster!

Parental Involvement!

Parental involvement is the backbone of Cub Scouting. Most parents work at home on achievements with their Son. It shows true support of the boy’s decision to be a Cub Scout! Unfortunately some boys don't have at least one involved parent and give up on the Cub Scout program. Partially because they see their peers advancing and they’re falling behind and partially because they don’t see much interest from their parent or guardian. If you haven’t by now—ask your Son to show you his book. You might be surprised to see how many things he’s accomplished. Even at school! The Cubmaster is here to answer your questions about your Son’s book, contact the Cubmaster!

Help With Fundraiser's!

Every youth who joins Cub Scouts has dreams of summer camp, outdoor adventures, exciting field trips, and earning recognition awards for the things they do. As parents and leaders, we owe our Cub Scouts the best program possible! Our Pack has doubled in size and needless to say, so has our budget! Our popcorn sale is our main fundraiser of the year. With good participation, our popcorn sales can easily pay for an entire year of Cub Scouting and Camps for our Cub Scouts! Let's do all we can for your Son’s Cub Scouting experience and support our Pack’s Popcorn Sales and other fundraisers. Parent participation equals success. Volunteer, help out, make a difference! Ask your Son’s Den Leader how you can help. Contact the Pack Fundraiser Chair, Ms Scouter or Cubmaster!.

Positive Life Skills!

Research has shown that positive coaching will increase an athlete’s self-esteem and self-confidence, which results in more enjoyment from participating, which causes a child to be more likely to continue playing. The same holds true for Cub Scouting. The leaders in Pack 643 believe that Cub Scouting presents a tremendous opportunity for school age boys to develop life skills that will serve them well beyond the Cub Scout trail. Providing a positive and favorable “life skills” learning environment is the goal of every Committee Member, Cub Scout Leader and Cub Scout Parent in Pack 643. If you'd like to do more for your Son’s Cub Scouting experience contact the Cubmaster!


Volunteers are a vital resource for our Pack. Most of us have volunteered in some capacity before —in schools and colleges, libraries, parks, places of worship, and many more. There are numerous ways to get involved in our Pack. Your service can be formal or informal…on a regular basis or periodically as you have time. It's important to think about what kind of role you'd like to play. People working full-time volunteer, as do teens, 20-somethings, children and older adults. There are numerous ways you can help our Pack — and many roles you can play. If you'd like to volunteer let your Son’s Den Leader know or contact the Cubmaster!

Who is Akela Anyway?

As you look through you son’s Cub Scout Book during the summer, you’ll see places for “Akela’s OK” That usually means your “OK”. Akela (ah-KAY-la) is the boy’s leader. At home, that is you; at den meetings, it is the den leader; at school, it is the teacher. The summer months are real important for Akela to ensure that our Cub Scout gets started off on the right “paw.” The more familiar you are with his Cub Scout Book, the more enjoyable the scouting experience will be for your boy! Please contact the Cubmaster! with any questions about your son’s Cub Scout Book!

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